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WhatsApp Communication

In addition to various email communication channels, the church makes use of a WhatsApp distribution list for important communications. Messages are only sent via WhatsApp when necessary. We are careful not to bombard you with notifications all day long!

Since messages all pertain to church life and ministry, WhatsApp communication is reserved for church members or those undergoing the membership process.

A WhatsApp distribution list operates differently from a WhatsApp group. In a group, every member can send and respond to messages, and all responses are sent to every member of the Group. In a distribution list, only the user who created the list can send messages. Messages are sent directly to the list members, but any replies are sent only back to the sender, and not to everyone on the list.

In order to receive messages sent to a list, you must have the sender’s number saved in your contacts on your phone. If you do not have the sender’s number as a contact, messages will not be delivered to your phone.

Church members, and those undergoing the membership process, can ask to be added to the WhatsApp distribution list, but they must be sure to add the church’s WhatsApp number to their contacts.

To request access to the WhatsApp distribution list, send your request—and include your name and surname—via WhatsApp to (063) 492 8869 and add this number to your contacts. Access to this list is granted upon direct request.