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Weekly roundup for the coming week, including Lord’s Day ministries, important announcements, and information for the coming Sunday.

19–25 November 2023

Doug moves to the next section in 1 Corinthians 10 tomorrow, narrowing the focus to vv. 14–22, while Kobus will be preaching in the evening from Hebrews 2:1–4.

You’ll find the Sunday morning live-stream below:

Our upcoming QMM will be next Sunday (26 November) during the evening service, where we will, among other things, vote on the 2024 budget. Members, please plan to join us for this important time. Members should have received an email this week with the proposed 2024 budget and the 2023 third quarter income statement.

Please also take note of significant dates for the upcoming Christmas season:

  • Grace Groups: Finish Sunday, 26 November 2023; resume Sunday, 14 January 2023
  • Carols Service: Sunday evening, 10 December 2023 at 5:30 PM
  • Family Bible Hour: Finishes Sunday, 10 December; resumes Sunday, 14 January 2023
  • Evening Services: Finish Sunday, 17 December 2023; resume Sunday, 14 January 2023
  • Christmas Day Service: Monday, 25 December at 9:00 AM
  • Morning services continue as normal at 9:30 AM throughout the Christmas season

For those who follow the Bible reading plan, here are the readings for the coming week:

Sunday: Acts 25–26
Monday: Acts 27–28
Tuesday: Romans 1–3
Wednesday: Romans 4–7
Thursday: Romans 8–10
Friday: Romans 11–13
Saturday: Romans 14–16

Here is the roundup for the coming week.

Lord’s Day Duties


Duty Contact: Selwyn Smith
Security Duty: Andrew Lear; Sean Kennedy
Transport Duty: Neil Cable; Stefan Terblanche
Welcome Duty: Theuns Human; Ursula Human
Offering Duty: Chase Moore; Sive Mtshakazana; Aubrey Scorgie; Sheldon Scorgie
Refreshment Duty: Gerrard Quevauvilliers; Kayla Truter; Andre Truter; Bronwyn Hutchinson
Communion Prep: Mo de Mello Koch; Guy de Mello Koch
Crèche Duty FBH: Neli Nxumalo; Nadia Butterworth
Crèche Duty AM: Charlene Starkey; Sunila Savage-Reid; Joy Hutchinson; Amy Brits
Crèche Duty PM: Danielle van Jaarsveldt; Dennae Starkey; Leeza Mol

Lord’s Day Announcements

Evening Service: Join us tonight at 5:30 PM for our prayer service. We conclude around the Communion Table.

Childcare: Childcare is provided in the creche for children aged 3 and under during the morning and evening services. Parents are required to sign their children in and out.

Sunday School: Parents are asked to take their children directly to their classrooms and collect them immediately after FBH. A parent or responsible adult is required to sign their children in and out.

Coming Week Announcements

Grace Groups: Grace Groups resume this coming week. Visit the church website to sign up for the emailed discussion guide every Monday.

Basic: Basic (for children in Grades 0–7) meets next on Friday, 24 November from 5:45 PM to 7:30 PM. Speak to Stephen Scholtz for dates and information.

YQ: YQ (for teens in Grades 8–12) meets next on Friday, 01 December from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Speak to Joel Oommen for dates and information.

Members’ Meeting: Members, please plan to be here next Sunday night for our November QMM. We will be voting on the 2024 budget. If you have any queries, please contact Quintin Starkey.


Ministry of Mercy: Please remember to drop any clothing or unused household item donations into the box in the foyer for Lorraine Papazoglou to distribute to people in need. Speak to Lorraine for more information on what she can use.

Christmas Season Dates: Family Bible Hour will conclude for the year on 10 December and resume on 14 January 2024. Our carols service will be on 10 December with our final evening service for the year on 17 December. Evening services resume on 14 January 2024. Grace Groups conclude for the year the week of 26 November and resume the week of 14 January 2024. Morning services run as normal throughout December, with our Christmas Day service at 9:00 AM.

Prayer Items

Prayer Psalm: Psalm 53
Members of the Week: Neli Nxumalo; Fred, Lindiwe, and Lithemba Odame
Expectant Couples: Joel & Jessica Oommen
Special Needs: Ryan Butterworth; Mari Manthe; Rose Cousins; Liam Dunstone; Lee Taylor; June Vermeulen
Ministry: Preaching Ministry
Great Commission:
• Tsholo Kukuni (Bloemfontein)
• Japan (East Asia)—Japan faces many crises. Even its leaders called it “a superpower without a moral compass.” The constant threats of earthquakes, economic decline, and social isolation leave many people realising that the government cannot solve Japan’s problems. Pray that the church will step into this gap with true gospel hope.
• Yemen (28 million people; 99.6% unreached)
Sister Churches: Reformed Community Church (Belville South)—Mario Maneville
Our Country: Basic Education—Ms Matsie Motshekga; Dr Makgabo Mhaule

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Sunday, 19 November: Serges Kandala; Mohlaume Mamabolo; Erick & Sandy Sahling; Ben & Sam Thomas
Monday, 20 November: Noah Ciorovich; David Grice; Hannah Payne
Tuesday, 21 November: Albert Meets; Alan & Petro Bennett
Wednesday, 22 November: Christiaan Erasmus; Denise O’Donovan; Louis Strydom
Thursday, 23 November: Chelsea Butterworth; Sean Kennedy
Friday, 24 November: Yvonne Lombard
Saturday, 25 November: Steve & Jenny Anderson; Fred & Ellenore Jackson

This Week’s Sermons

Run, Christian, Run! (1 Corinthians 10:14–22)

Paul is exhorting his readers to faithfully run the Christian race (9:24). Christians are like runners seeking the victor’s prize. To finish the race, we must bring our body into subjection and do whatever is necessary to persevere to the salvific end. We must run as though our lives depend on it—for they do! The Corinthian believers needed to run away from idolatry. As do we. We will study how to do so under three headings:

1. The Inspiration of Command (v. 14)
2. The Illustration of Communion (vv. 15–20)
3. The Impossibility of Compromise (vv. 21–22)

Do Not Neglect Your Salvation (Hebrews 2:1–4)

Hebrews 2:1–4 serves as a reminder to saved Christians that they should not become complacent in their faith but should persevere in it. It emphasises the seriousness of neglecting the great salvation that has been granted to believers and underscores the importance of the evidence of salvation in the life of a Christian. While salvation is secure for the elect, believers are still called to live faithfully and obediently as a response to God’s grace. We will consider these verses under two broad headings:

1. The Command (vv. 1–2)
2. The Warning (vv. 3–4)

Run, Christian, Run!

If you don’t want to fall off sin’s cliff, don’t walk along temptation’s edge.
Garrett Kell