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Doug Van Meter - 17 Jan 2021

Prepare for War (Numbers 1:1–54)

The opening chapters of Numbers record how Moses organised Israel for the march from Sinai to the Promised Land. The text makes it clear that this was a militant march. In the opening chapter, we consider the initial preparation for the march. Each Israelite was to stand and be counted. We, likewise, must stand to be counted, and remain committed, if we will be prepared for the war before us.

Scripture References: Numbers 1:1-54

From Series: "Numbers Exposition"

An exposition of the book of Numbers by Doug Van Meter.

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This text brings to a close the tragic account of Israel’s sin of unbelief as they stood on the threshold of God’s Promised Land. Just when we think that things could not get any worse, their belief becomes blatantly exponential—seemingly boundless. In this account we learn that not only will Israel not believe God when he promises blessings; neither will they believe him when he promises them judgement. It is a text from which we do well to learn.