Sanctity of Life

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solthumbWhen you hear a discussion on abortion, what thoughts arise in your mind, and what frame of reference do you use to address this issue?

For some, the word simply bears the connotation of a simple clinical procedure. The reasons justifying such a “termination of the pregnancy” might not even enter their field of reasoning.

Others might be quick to suggest that abortion is a means whereby a woman may exercise her rights and follow through on her own reproductive choices. Medical, social and philosophical reasons are put forward in defence of this position.

Reasonable people who examine the moral, scientific and philosophical propositions for abortion might come to the conclusion that abortion is not a justifiable practice, except in rare cases. Their motto mighty be, “Make abortion legal, but rare.”

But in all these deliberations, does anyone ever consider what God thinks of abortion? After all, abortion is a God issue! Asking this question will reveal that this is not a matter of personal determination, or a constitutional right, or even, as it has become, a societal norm—it’s a God thing. The sanctity of every human life is intrinsically connected to the character of God and His dealings with man. The creation, sustenance and indeed taking of life is His prerogative exclusively.

For some time now, the Spirit has been prompting and challenging us as a church, to consider these issues and to do something about them. The statistics on abortion and other abuses of human life in our country indicate that we are facing a growing Goliath of evil and abuse, and an increasingly well-organised army supporting this deadly giant. But before we despair, let us remember that we have the truth, the sword of the Lord, and the current ruling sovereign of this entire universe on our side!

You may be aware that a fledgling ministry has arisen out of the need to do something in response to the Lord’s prompting. In providential answers to many prayers, a Sanctity of Life ministry is taking shape. What follows is a brief description of this ministry in its various components. We hope that the Lord will use this article, as well as our focused Sanctity of Life program on Sunday, 30 January to stir many hearts to join the cause.

Prolife Advocacy

The first “arm” of attack in our battle against the evil of abortion has been dubbed the “prophetic arm,” or the prolife advocacy arm. This team is concentrating on raising the awareness in our church, community and country of the horrors of abortion.

Through the use of literature, publications, presentations, electronic media and physical campaigning (e.g. Sisters with Blisters walk) we aim to make abortion unthinkable in our society. We firmly believe that the current laws and regulations pertaining to abortion in our land are dishonouring to God and destructive to our people, and so we aim to make His voice heard on the political and societal stage. If your passion is stirred in this respect, don’t ignore it: Become an ambassador for the sanctity of life. Keep an eye out for the prolife defence training program starting soon and use your God-ordained opportunities in your daily life to stand up for the defenceless.

Prolife Counselling

The second arm of our Sanctity of Life ministry is waiting to be realised as the Lord gives us opportunity. In name, Hannah’s Hope reflects our care and concern for abortion-minded women and those experiencing a crisis in their pregnancy. By the Lord’s grace we desire to be able to run a facility where ladies can find hope. We want to offer them alternatives to abortion, counsel them through their difficult decisions, support them in their distress and offer them real hope in the Saviour of the world.

This will be resource-dependent and thus we continue to pray that the Lord will open doors—literally. Hannah’s Hope will need a facility, perhaps a small office for starters, but hopefully soon a place of safety and refuge. We continue to pray for the Lord’s leading; we need a place (there are two properties adjacent to the church that would be ideal!); we need committed, competent people to serve; and we need bundles of His grace and provision.

Prolife Administration

Lastly, there is a need for an administrative arm to this ministry. This part of the ministry will ensure the smooth running of what could be a logistically complex venture. The administrators will be involved in marketing, in the sense of making people aware of the facility offered and by liaising with various media. Within this ministry there will be opportunity for involvement in terms of research, fund-raising, translation, printing, promotions and practical assistance.

Please speak to Neil Cable or Allison van der Walt if you desire to be involved in this life-changing ministry. Given that there are three diverse aspects to this ministry, we believe that most people will be able to serve in some capacity. Regardless of your direct involvement or not, you can still pray, and we urge you to do so.

Pray for the more than two hundred women that abort their unborn babies every day in this country; pray for the guilt ridden, ignorant and uninformed girls who will always bear the scar of their selfish actions; pray for our policy-makers and the Spirit’s convicting work in their lives; pray for those committing themselves to this ministry; pray for hundreds of examples of God’s redeeming grace of lives that have been saved from death, and souls that have been saved from hell.

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