Proverbs Exposition

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The following sermons form part of a series of expositions of the book of Proverbs by the elders and other members of Brackenhurst Baptist Church.

Stuart Chase - 6 May 2018

A Guarded Heart (Proverbs 4:20–27)

Proverbs Exposition

According to the World Health Organisation, the worldwide leading cause of death among humans is heart disease of some description. The heart is also the leading killer spiritually, and Proverbs 4:20–27 points us to this truth. These verses give an injunction to a guarded heart, point to the importance of a guarded heart, and list several implications of a guarded heart.

Scripture References: Proverbs 4:20-27

From Series: "Proverbs Exposition"

A sermon series through the book of Proverbs by the elders and other men at Brackenhurst Baptist Church.

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