Prayer—The Surgeon’s Scalpel (Psalm 50:14–15)

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Doug Van Meter - 17 Mar 2013

Hope (Romans 8:18-30)


The word “hope” is found 129 times in the Scriptures but the idea of hope permeates the Bible from cover to cover. Before we were saved, Paul writes that we were “without Christ . . . having no hope and without God in the world” (Ephesians 2:12). We were godless and thus hopeless. But by God’s grace those who have been born again are now hopeful. This is a significant disposition that characterises the Christian and yet often we can find ourselves tempted to be hopeless. In this message we will examine this issue of hope in the life of the Christian by asking and answering at least three questions: What is Hope? What are we Hoping For? What difference does Hope make? Romans 8:18-30 clearly and hopefully answers these questions.

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Prayer should be an integral part of the life of the believer and the life of the church. And yet we often neglect this great gift from our heavenly Father. We struggle to understand how we should pray, why we should pray, or how God uses prayer to accomplish his will. Psalm 50:14–15 teaches us some important lessons and encourages us to get on our knees and get praying.