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What I am about to share has become a common, and helpfully important, topic on social media.

Many have noted that, as Christians celebrate “holy weekend,” we do so like the Israelites did at the first Passover. That is, we too are locked down in our homes.

God instructed heads of households to sacrifice a year-old lamb, applying its blood to the lintel and posts of their doors (see Exodus 12). As families gathered in their homes, they ate an appointed meal, including the lamb that had been slain. Within their homes, they were to prepare for a sudden and powerful exodus from Egypt. As they did, the angel of the Lord moved through Egypt, killing the firstborn of any home where the blood was not applied. This foreshadowed the blood of Jesus being shed and applied to all those who heed God’s call to believe him.

Today, we celebrate the death of the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. And we do so in the privacy and seclusion of our homes. Let’s make the most of this. How?

First, make sure that you have repented and have believed God’s promise that deliverance from his wrath is available through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Second, utilise this “Passover lockdown” to prepare to face a world that is hostile to God’s grace. Upon their exodus, the nation of Israel would face many trials and temptations. Had they remembered God’s powerful deliverance, they would have fared much better. Remember, Christian, the gospel empowers us to overcome the world (John 16:33; 1 John 5:4). For those of us whom God has saved, let’s prepare for our “exodus” after lockdown. That is, when the doors are opened, in contrast to the Israelites, let’s go forth with great faith in our God, demonstrated by heartfelt obedience to him.

Third, pray that many will come out of this “Passover lockdown” having been converted to the Lord. May this be a time when those in “Egypt” experience the blood of the Lamb delivering them from the wrath to come.

Last night, we were schedule to have our Passover Service. This is becoming a regular part of our resurrection weekend worship. We sing songs about God’s redemption of his people, have a brief sermon on this theme, and conclude with the Lord’s Supper. Obviously, we could not do so this year. Nevertheless, though the significant ritual has been interrupted, the supreme reality remains the same. The Lamb of God has come and taken away our sins! Those who have repented and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ have been set free. No longer enslaved to sin, Satan and self, we are now the forgiven and glad servants of the Saviour. Keep this good news before you as we are locked down this Good Friday. And remember, Sunday is coming.

See you soon,