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In 1972, God began a work that He would bless and use to touch the lives of many people. Jason and Marlene van den Heuvel moved to the Brackenhurst area and began a Sunday School and Bible study in their home at 21 Chrissie Street.

The work soon developed into a home church and services were first held in their living room and later in the double garage. It was at this time that the first pastor, Jack Moorman was called. Jack was an American missionary to South Africa.

In 1976 a piece of land on the corner of Hennie Alberts Street and Roy Campbell Street was purchased from the Baptist Union of South Africa for the purpose of building a church. Work on the church building commenced soon after the purchase and the building was dedicated and the church constituted in 1978.

In 1988 Jack Moorman was called to the UK and the church called John Grant to the pastorate. John had been a deacon in the church for some years and was also the architect and building supervisor of the church building.

In 1993 John Grant resigned and the church called Doug Van Meter, an American missionary to be the pastor-teacher. The Lord led Doug, after two years’ ministry at the church, to immigrate to South Africa, thus dropping his American financial support, as BBC assumed full financial responsibility.

In addition to the above vocational pastor-teachers, the church has also been served by a number of other vocational and non-vocational elders over the years. Gary van den Heuvel served as a vocational elder from 1995–2008. Francois Koch joined the staff elders in 2001, before eventually being sent as a missionary and subsequently being called to the pastorate of Swakopmund Baptist Church. Christo Beetge, who formerly served as pastor at Springs Baptist Church, served as a vocational elder from 2006–2014, after which he moved to George Baptist Church. Stuart Chase was employed by the church in an administrative and assistant capacity in August 1998 and was appointed to the eldership in May 2016. He continues to serve in these dual capacities.

Non-vocational elders have included Jason van den Heuvel (2003–2007), Pieter Swanepoel (2004–2007), Mark MacKaiser (2009–2017), Neil Cable (2010–present), Barry Jamie (2010–2015), Varughese George (2012–2017) and Zander Viljoen (2012–present). Three of the church’s Shepherd’s School graduates (names withheld) have been appointed as missionaries to Asia. The first was sent in 2003, and served on the field until 2017 before being called to pastor an international church in the Middle East. The second was sent to join him, and served from 2007–2012. The third joined the missionary team in 2015, and will return to South Africa in early 2018 with the door to ministry having been providentially closed.

The church currently has seven elders: Doug Van Meter, Stuart Chase, Anton Beetge, Edwin Steytler, Quintin Starkey, Paul Moore, and Tommie van der Walt.