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In these days, many are writing about and sharing conspiracies. “5G is the cause of the Coronavirus.” “COVID-19 is the work of Bill Gates and Big Pharma in their attempt to get everyone to have vaccines.” Here’s another I encountered recently: “Donald Trump has orchestrated this crisis in order to free child-slaves—the ‘Mercy Ship’ in New York City is how they will escape.” Hmm. I think not.

Fake news floods social media leaving in its wake a lot of damage. People are defamed, people are deceived, and sometimes Christians are distracted from what is true—including the biblical truth that Jesus Christ reigns.

Among the fake news is an unbiblical eschatology, which asserts that the lockdowns brought about by COVID-19 is the means of fulfilling the “biblical prophecy” of a one-world government. Supposedly, world leaders have conspired to bring about a new world order. “Antichrist” is on the loose and, “sometime soon” (whatever that means), the Beast (Trump? Putin? Netanyahu? Gorbachev? Kissinger? Mussolini? ______________?) will become the ruler of the world. What utter nonsense.

Besides the fact that the Bible doesn’t predict any of this, there is a biblical doctrine that strongly argues against there ever being such a one-world government. That doctrine is the depravity of man. Because mankind is bad to the bone, no attempts at one-world governments ever succeed. Ever. Self-interested, individualistic, and rebellious humanity will never tolerate this. A simple reading of history proves the point. Empires that have sought worldwide dominion, and which at the time seemed so invincible, are now footnotes in history. Consider, for instance, the Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Grecian, Roman, Mongolian, and British Empires. Though these governments sought world domination, it didn’t end well for them. Further, the history of wars proves the fallacy of a one-world government. In more recent centuries, the French, American, and Bolshevik Revolutions, as well as two World Wars, have all highlighted that mankind will not submit to mankind.

However, there is a one-world government that is ruling today: the government of the triune God. This world is governed by God. Yes, the depravity of man rears itself against him; nevertheless, he rules. He rules over all the affairs of mankind (Psalm 103:19). He governs plagues and pestilences (Genesis 12:17; Exodus 9:14; Leviticus 26:21). Our God governs economies (Revelation 18:15–20). Our God governs governments (Daniel 4:17, 25, 32). Our God reigns (Psalm 99:1)!

God is wisely at work, governing these tumultuous days. As Christians, we rest in the knowledge that our God is working his plan. We know that his kingdom has come, for Jesus brought it with him (Mark 1:14–15). Jesus Christ is King. He is ruling and reigning. His government is worldwide and everlasting (Revelation 11:15).

Brothers and sisters, ignore the conspiracy theories and focus on what is biblically conspicuous: This one world is under the all wise governance of our Lord Jesus Christ. And that is something to write about.

Looking with you to Christ,