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Ken Mbugua - 10 Mar 2019

WOC2019: Questions and Answers (Various Texts)

During World Outreach Celebration 2019, Ken Mbugua sat down to answer questions submitted by the members of BBC about various missions-related subjects. 00:00—Welcome and Ken’s testimony. 04:53—What do you find that your members do that encourages you as a pastor of a missions-minded church? 08:19—In a world that seems to be growing more hostile to the gospel (even in countries that supposedly guarantee freedom of religion), what kinds of suffering do you think we should expect to face more and more as Christians? 11:18—If faithful Christian ministry is to help people mature in Christ, what does Christian maturity look like? 16:31—Is it wrong for a Christian, who is faithfully following after Christ, to avoid certain types of suffering? For example, would it be wrong for a Christian father to make a decision to move his family to a safer country, still having the intention of plugging into a solid church family, and still following Christ by sharing the gospel in this new sphere of influence? His decision is in essence to avoid certain types of possible suffering, but is not at the expense of faithfully following Christ. 20:35—What about someone who has overwhelming and debilitating personal circumstances, such as depression, chronic illness, a very difficult marriage, etc. How do they answer the call of Christ to preach the gospel to others when they themselves are not in a good place spiritually or emotionally, and just obeying Christ in their own circumstance is a daily struggle? 26:11—Tell us a bit about Ekklesia Afrika (East) and your vision for wider partnership. 31:20—Questions from the floor.

From Series: "World Outreach Celebration 2019"

Sermons preached during the 2019 World Outreach Celebration: Mission Unalterable.

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