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Doug Van Meter - 15 May 2022

When Affliction Boils Over (Job 2:1–13)

The Roman philosopher, Seneca, once said, “The bravest sight in the world is to see a great man struggling against adversity.” If that is true, then Job serves as a fitting example. He was a great man (1:3). Even more so, he was a truly good man (1:1). The book of Job asks, “Will a great man continue to be a good man even when he ceases, in the eyes of the world, to be a great man?” After the events of chapter 1, so far, so good. How will this great and godly, and therefore good, man respond in chapter 2 when his afflictions boil over?

Scripture References: Job 2:1-13

From Series: "Job Exposition"

A devotional exposition of the book of Job by Doug Van Meter.

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