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Doug Van Meter - 3 September 2023

Very Hidden Figures (Acts 1:12–26)

In our “Hidden Figures” series, we have highlighted several biblical examples of characters who are not prominent in Scripture yet vital to the advancement of God’s kingdom. Some were very obscure, only mentioned once. But I doubt any figures are more “hidden” than the two in our text this evening” “Joseph called Barsabbas” and “Matthias.” Very hidden indeed. These two names appear only here in Scripture and there is very little information concerning them. Yet what we are told provides enough material for them to serve as examples for disciples of Jesus Christ. We consider our text under four broad headings: 1. The Context of the Situation (vv. 12–20) 2. The Criteria of the Selection (vv. 21–23) 3. The Choice by the Sovereign (vv. 24–26) 4. The Conundrum of the Silence

Scripture References: Acts 1:12-26

From Series: "Hidden Figures"

Lessons from some of the lesser known characters in Scripture.

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