Message: “The Quest for the Historical Adam (Genesis 1–3)” from William VanDoodewaard

William VanDoodewaard - 6 Jan 2018

The Quest for the Historical Adam (Genesis 1–3)

Was Adam really a historical person? Can we trust the biblical story of human origins? Is the story of Eden simply a metaphor, leaving scientists the job of correctly reconstructing the truth of human origins? Although the church currently faces these pressing questions—exacerbated as they are by scientific and philosophical developments of our age—we must not think that they are completely new. In this talk, Dr. VanDoodewaard addresses the historicity of the biblical creation account, and why it matters so much for the church today.

Scripture References: Genesis 1:1-31

From Series: "Guest Speakers"

The sermons or talks in this study are by various guest speakers over the years.

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