Message: “The Incurable Wound (Jeremiah 15:15–21)” from Stuart Chase

Stuart Chase - 23 Oct 2016

The Incurable Wound (Jeremiah 15:15–21)


There is something in the human mind that drives us to want to know what people are like behind closed doors. Sometimes, it is little more than idle curiosity fuelling our desire for gossip. But sometimes it is a deep-seated desire to learn from God’s servants how we ought to conduct our lives in private. The book of Jeremiah gives us several glimpses into what Jeremiah was like when he was out of the limelight. One of those glimpses is in Jeremiah 15:15–21, and it is highly instructive for us.

From Series: "Miscellaneous"

Sermons in this series are once-off sermons preached by various church members.

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