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Doug Van Meter - 29 Jul 2018

Plundering Sinners, Plundering Satan (Mark 3:22–30)

Jesus came plundering the kingdom of Satan for the building blocks of his kingdom. From the mine of the kingdom of darkness, Jesus quarried the rock on which he would build his church. He quarried from Satan’s domain the foundation stones of the walls of the new nation, new Jerusalem, the Israel of God—his church (Revelation 21:14). And Satan was none too happy. He therefore called upon some in his kingdom to be pawns for his dirty work. They didn’t realise they were his pawns; in fact, they did not even realise that they were subjects of Satan’s kingdom. But, as this passage makes clear, that is precisely what they were.

Scripture References: Mark 3:22-30

From Series: "Mark Exposition"

An exposition of the Gospel of Mark by Doug Van Meter.

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