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Doug Van Meter - 5 February 2023

Tertius: Publishing God’s Word (Romans 16:22)

We are all familiar with popular, even famous, character in the Bible. Much is known about Peter and Paul, but the biblical record similarly highlights the equally significant, though lesser known, ministries of more hidden figures—like Tertius (Romans 16:22). Little is known about this amanuensis, but we are humanly indebted to him for having received the book of Romans. He literally published the good news of the gospel. Historically hidden, his skills were nonetheless used by God to pen a book which God has used throughout history to reach the lost and to reform his church. In this study, we consider some lessons we can learn from the brief record of this man’s ministry.

Scripture References: Romans 16:22

From Series: "Hidden Figures"

Lessons from some of the lesser known characters in Scripture.

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