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Stuart Chase - 16 April 2023

Submitting to Truth (1 Kings 22:1–40)

Humanity has a long track record of hearing but dismissing warnings of impending peril. The story of Micaiah’s encounter with Israel’s King Ahab reveals that this tendency is not new. The text shows us at once Micaiah’s fierce commitment to God’s truth, which serves as an example for all of God’s people, and shows the destructive consequences of those who, like Ahab, dismiss God’s truth. We will consider this narrative under the following broad headings: 1. A Flippant Response to Truth (vv. 1–6) 2. A Forced Response to Truth (vv. 7–12) 3. A Faithful Response to Truth (vv. 13–14) 4. A Formulaic Response to Truth (vv. 15–23) 5. A Furious Response to Truth (vv. 24–28) 6. The Fulfilled Response of Truth (vv. 29–38) 7. The Focused Response of Truth (vv. 39–40)

Scripture References: 1 Kings 22:1-40

From Series: "Hidden Figures"

Lessons from some of the lesser known characters in Scripture.

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