Message: “Shod With Shalom (Ephesians 6:15)” from Doug Van Meter

Doug Van Meter - 19 Nov 2017

Shod With Shalom (Ephesians 6:15)

All believers face affliction, of different varieties. For some, it is a physical affliction. For others, it may be a seemingly hopeless relational breakdown. For others, still, it may take the form of an irreversible and painful situation: the death of a loved one or a far-reaching financial calamity. The question is, how do you face your calamity. More important, still, how will you continue to face it. Ephesians 6:15 encourages us to be shod with shalom so that you can be prepared with peace that the gospel of Christ alone can provide.

Scripture References: Ephesians 6:15

From Series: "Ephesians Exposition"

This series comprises the sermons preached at BBC during an exposition of the book of Ephesians.

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