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Doug Van Meter - 16 October 2022

Numbers Matters (Numbers 1:1–4)

Numbers matter. Literally. They are essential for sound engineering, accurate accounting, measuring health, and a host of other disciplines. The book of Numbers also matters. The book of Numbers matters, and the numbers in the book matter, for they instruct us about divine faithfulness. Numbers teaches us that, with God’s grace, we can do better. In this study, we will seek to understand the purpose and plan of Numbers as we view its broad structure. 1. God Prepares His People: Sinai (chapters 1–10) 2. God Punishes His People: Kadesh (chapters 11–16) 3. God Preserves His People: Moab (chapters 17–36)

Scripture References: Numbers 1:1-4

From Series: "Numbers Exposition"

An exposition of the book of Numbers by Doug Van Meter.

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