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Doug Van Meter - 2 Mar 2008

Maintaining a Heart of Love to God (James 1:18)

James Exposition

Behind every trial is the lurking possibility that we who profess to be believers will turn a test from God (which He wants us to pass) into a temptation in which we cave into sinful desires. By doing so we are led into deception which produces disobedience which culminates in spiritual death. And thus rather than persevering and being crowned with eternal life we may fail and end up having apostatised from Christ. But a wonderful antidote to this failure is that of focusing on the Father of lights, who has blessed us with every good and perfect gift. Both what and how He gives is holy and thus for our benefit (v. 17).

From Series: "James Exposition"

An exposition of the epistle of James by Doug Van Meter

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