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Doug Van Meter - 3 Feb 2019

Is Nothing Sacred? (Mark 6:14–29)

The holocaust of abortion is a worldwide problem, for which South Africa will not escape with impunity. Since February 1997, hundreds of thousands of children have been put to death in their mother’s wombs all under legal protection. This fact is mourned by Christians every year on Sanctity of Life Sunday. But the issues pertaining to the sanctity of life are not limited to abortion, judicial injustice, or racism. Rather when we think of sanctity of life, the fundamental concern relates to how we view people, which flows out of our view of God. In the text before us, the culprits have little regard for God, and therefore little regard for human life. We may shake our heads in disbelief at such a scene, but as we view what seems to be an increasing culture of death in our own society, we are moved to ask, “Is nothing sacred?”

Scripture References: Mark 6:14-29

From Series: "Mark Exposition"

An exposition of the Gospel of Mark by Doug Van Meter.

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