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Doug Van Meter - 11 September 2022

In the Dark (Job 22:1–24:25)

Chapter 22 commences the final round of speeches between Job and his three friends. Eliphaz, probably the oldest of the three, speaks first but doesn’t add much, if anything, to previous arguments. He adds to the building condemnation but to his credit, Eliphaz concludes with a call to repentance and hope of restoration. Of course the problem is that Job had nothing to repent of! For his part, Job continues to love and trust God, even though he remains confused about what God is doing. Christians sometimes live there: in the dark as we face trials. These chapters, which we will consider under the following headings, might help us: 1. Eliphaz’ Brutal Vilification (22:1–11) 2. Eliphaz’ Bold Condemnation (22:12–20) 3. Eliphaz’ Beautiful Invitation (22:21–30) 4. Job’s Longing (23:1–7) 5. Job’s Lament (23:8–17) 6. Job’s Dark World (24:1–17) 7. Job’s Disordered World (24:18–25)

Scripture References: Job 22:1-30, Job 24:1-25, Job 23:1-17

From Series: "Job Exposition"

A devotional exposition of the book of Job by Doug Van Meter.

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