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Stuart Chase - 7 Apr 2019

Going Off-Script (Judges 4:1–5:31)

As we have studied the book of Judges, we’ve learned that things don’t always go as expected. If Othniel, Israel’s first judge, was the ideal judge, things started to go strangely off-script immediately afterwards. Othniel was an Israelite of Israelites, a trained and experienced warrior, a man of upstanding character, the obvious choice to lead God’s people. He created the template, which we would expect to be followed quite closely. But the second judge (Ehud) was a handicapped assassin, while the third was not even an Israelite. Could things go any more off-script? Enter Israel’s fourth judge: Deborah.

Scripture References: Judges 4:1-24, Judges 5:1-31

From Series: "Judges Exposition"

An exposition of the book of Judges by Stuart Chase.

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