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Doug Van Meter - 23 April 2023

Cancelling Conceit (1 Corinthians 4:6–13)

Perhaps there is not a more uncharacteristic sin among Christians than the sin of conceit. “Conceited Christian” is a glaring contradiction. Or at least it should be. An arrogant follower of Jesus Christ is repulsive and should be almost unthinkable. Sadly, conceit had crept into the Corinthian church, and it was tearing the church apart. Paul, therefore, in 4:6–13 and with strong language, rebukes the church for its conceit and provides the antidote. He offers a threefold prescription for confronting and cancelling conceit: 1. Confront Conceit with Scripture (v. 6) 2. Confront Conceit with Reality (v. 7) 3. Confront Conceit with the Cross (vv. 8–13)

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 4:6-13

From Series: "1 Corinthians Exposition"

An exposition of 1 Corinthians by Doug Van Meter.

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