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Sammy Leballo - 23 July 2023

A Test of Perseverance (James 1:1–18)

Trials come in all shapes and sizes and are meant to test our faith. They give us a chance to prove our love for God through action. It is often easy to say we love God and to be faithful to him when things are going very smoothly. It is during challenging periods that many people turn away from God. Instead, we need to view trials as a provision for us to grow. Do you have a true saving faith? How do you respond to trials? How are we supposed to react? Why are we to react like this? We consider James 1:1–18 under the following headings: 1. Be Joyful (vv. 1–4) 2. Be Prayerful (vv. 5–8) 3. Be Humble (vv. 9–12)

Scripture References: James 1:1-12

From Series: "Guest Speakers"

The sermons or talks in this study are by various guest speakers over the years.

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