Message: “A Burden to Revitalise and Strengthen Dying Churches (Revelation 2–3)” from Sammy Leballo

Sammy Leballo - 6 Sep 2018

A Burden to Revitalise and Strengthen Dying Churches (Revelation 2–3)

We live in a day in which the church has become so seeker-sensitive that churches exist to serve men rather than God. As a result, the spiritual growth of churches often remains stagnant and, in some cases, even declines. Many Christians are not concerned, because they are content to see the sick being kept alive through artificial means. God would have us be concerned about the state of his churches. We should be committed to both establishing healthy churches and revitalising unhealthy churches.

Scripture References: Revelation 2:1-29, Revelation 3:1-22

From Series: "Sola 5 Conference 2018"

The sermons in this series were preached at the 2018 annual Sola 5 Conference hosted by BBC. The theme of the Conference was “Partnered to Plant,” and the messages focused on the need for churches to associate with one another in church planting and revitalisation efforts.

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