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When we look at the world around us, there is no doubt there is a breakdown in authority. Chaos and abstract thinking rule the day, with everyone holding to their own philosophy, having selected from the platter of treats the world offers.

We see the roles and order that God ordained in Scripture being reversed, with women becoming providers and heads of homes and even becoming pastors. We see children dictating to parents and teachers and growing up and making demands on their employers.
Men are increasingly becoming weak in character and not leading as they should, becoming abusers of woman. Feminist groups stereotype men and thus causing a divide, seeing submissiveness as failure to stand up for their rights. Men and women increasingly refuse to embrace their gender and identify as gender neutral or cross gender. Men “marry” men and women “marry” women. The list goes on.

This is a direct assault on God who, from the beginning, decreed the order by which mankind should live. Satan, perhaps without realising it, is God’s instrument to bring about judgement on humanity by enticing people by their own sinful lusts and the pride of life (Romans 1:18–32).

As Christians, we should see this, in one sense, as the result of the church having dropped the ball by not fulfilling its mandate in being salt and light as we should. (I speak to myself also!) How are we being an influence in this world of chaos? Are we just shadowing the world so that they hardly notice the difference? After all, a small amount of salt in a stew won’t have much influence and, should more stew be added, the salt will lose its savour. This is the position we find ourselves in as we relate to the world.

To use the metaphor of light, are we just a flickering candle shining a few centimetres around us or is our light bright enough to cover a significant area? Just think of the influence we could have in the darkness of the world if every Christians as a huge floodlight rather than a flickering candle. Christian, it is not enough to have body life and expect to be an influence. Body life is just a reinforcement and reflection of what we should be proclaiming. When last did you share the gospel with the lost? When last did you deny yourself to what people might think and do the hard thing by turning away from gossip or, in a loving manner, steering conversation based on man’s philosophy into godly perspectives? (I speak to myself also!)

May this be a reminder of our mandate, not under compulsion or in a legalistic manner, but rather out of a heart of gratitude as we ourselves are the result of salt and light by those co-workers of God, who were faithful to his calling.

Brothers and sisters, when we don’t witness, we deprive ourselves of the joy that Paul was excited about as he encouraged the Thessalonians about his joy or crown: “For what is our hope or joy or crown of boasting before our Lord Jesus at his coming? Is it not you? For you are our glory and joy” (1 Thessalonians 2:19–20).

Working alongside you,