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Every week, discussion questions are produced based on the most recent Sunday morning sermon, which are used to guide midweek Grace Group discussions.

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Doug Van Meter - 26 September 2021

Hope Renewed (Numbers 21vv1-35)

Numbers 20 was filled with heartache. Thankfully, all did not remain dark for chapter 21 contains a great deal of encouragement. Though it recounts a sinful episode (vv. 4–9), it nonetheless also contains grace and forgiveness, military conquest, gracious divine provision, a song of celebration, and a wonderful fulfilment of prophecy. All things considered, this chapter is thematically about hope and new beginnings. Its theme is hope renewed.

Scripture References: Numbers 21:1-35

From Series: "Numbers Exposition"

An exposition of the book of Numbers by Doug Van Meter.

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1. Without being critical, are there habits, practices, beliefs, or principles that you have that are different than your parents? What has contributed to this change?

2. When Israel defeated the Canaanites (and the Amorites for that matter) they “devoted them to destruction” (v. 3). This is often used to argue against God’s goodness as it seems to be an example of ethnic cleansing. Is this charge accurate? Why, or why not? See Genesis 15:12–16.

Exodus 21 is filled with warfare? Why do you think this is? What lessons are there for as Christians? How should we interpret Psalm 144:1 in this regard?

3. Discuss the account of the bronze serpent and its fulfilment in Jesus Christ (John 3:14–15).

When the people looked at the serpent they would have been reminded of God’s judgement on their sin. How was this fulfilled in the cross of Christ?

There is no indication that the serpents immediately disappeared when the serpent was lifted up but that it continued to be lifted up so that anyone was bitten would have a remedy. What might this say to us about our continual need to look to Christ in a sin-cursed world?

4. What have you found to be helpful in your fight against the habit-forming sin of complaining?

5. Why would God tell Moses to make a bronze serpent when, in Scripture, serpents seem symbolise evil and, moreover, are the very cause of their death?

Why does God appoint means of grace that seem so foolish in the eyes of the world?

6. What evidences do you see in Numbers 21 of Israel’s progress in their faith? Any lessons here for us?