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As a church, we regularly send important communication via email and WhatsApp to those who are a part of our ministry. We have various email lists that are specific to the purposes for which they have been created. Here, you can find out how to subscribe to emails and ask to be added to our WhatsApp broadcast.

What to Expect

We communicate information regarding our services and ministries as well as specific membership information that our members need to know. We also send out devotions and articles written by our pastors for your edification.

In addition to various email communication channels, the church makes use of a WhatsApp distribution list for important communications. Messages are only sent via WhatsApp when necessary. We are careful not to bombard you with notifications all day long!

Since messages all pertain to church life and ministry, WhatsApp communication is reserved for church members or those undergoing the membership process.

A WhatsApp distribution list operates differently from a WhatsApp group. In a group, every member can send and respond to messages, and all responses are sent to every member of the Group. In a distribution list, only the user who created the list can send messages. Messages are sent directly to the list members, but any replies are sent only back to the sender, and not to everyone on the list.

In order to receive messages sent to a list, you must have the sender’s number saved in your contacts on your phone. If you do not have the sender’s number as a contact, messages will not be delivered to your phone.

Church members, and those undergoing the membership process, can ask to be added to the WhatsApp distribution list, but they must be sure to add the church’s WhatsApp number to their contacts.

To request access to the WhatsApp distribution list, send your request—with your name and surname—via WhatsApp to (063) 492 8869 and add this number to your contacts. Access to this list is granted upon direct request.

As a church, we regular send important emails to those who are a part of our ministry. There are a number of separate lists that we have for various channels of information. Below you can read about and subscribe to these email lists.

General Announcements

This is a list for our regular weekly roundup (a summary of announcements and Lord’s Day ministry duties), which is sent out every Friday for the coming Lord’s Day and the week beyond. Additionally, emails containing information of general interest to the church are periodically sent to this list.

Prayer Guide

Our Sunday night prayer requests are sent out on Monday morning to everyone on this list. This will help to guide your prayers as a church member and help to ensure that the church is praying together as a body throughout the week.

Grace Groups Homework

Grace Groups is the name given to our midweek small group meetings, which take place in home of church members around the city on different nights of the week. Grace Groups all discuss the same material, which is essentially a set of questions that has been produced to provoke further discussion regarding the Sunday morning sermon. Homework questions are emailed to this list on Monday morning each week.

Order of Service

Our order of service for the coming Sunday is sent to our musicians, audiovisual team, and service leaders. The order of service includes the songs to be sung on Sunday. If you would like to receive the order of service via email, sign up below.

Pastors’ Pen Articles

Periodically, articles written by the pastors of the church are published to the church website. These brief articles are designed to help church members think about matters relating to church life or general Christian living and are rarely doctrinally heavy. They appear on the website and are linked via the normal social media channels, but you can also receive these articles by email.

Daily Devotionals

Brief daily devotionals by the elders of the church are sent every weekday morning to your email inbox. These simple thoughts take the form of looking at a particular text of Scripture and selecting one major devotional thought from it.

Missionary and Ministry Newsletters

Periodically, newsletters received from missionaries, ministers, sister churches, and ministries within the church are sent to those who wish to remain informed. The newsletters list is a catch-all list, which includes emails received from ministries outside and ministries inside the church.