Children’s Ministry Coordinator

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A what? Well, let me begin by identifying the who before I explain the what, the when and the why.

Andrew Gersbach is the who. As many of us are well aware, over the past 12–18 months the Lord has blessed BBC with an influx of Christ-hungry young adults. These young adults, many of whom have been added to the family of BBC, have come with a desire to learn God’s Word as a means to know Him, serve Him and make Him known. We are grateful for God’s kindness to us through these blessed additions. Andrew is one such gift.

Andrew has been serving the church in various capacities ever since he decided that this was to be his church home. One area of ministry in which he has invested his energies is that of Awana, as well as our most recent children’s Holiday Bible Club this past October. I was overseas during this eventful week, but when I returned I heard over and over again about what a blessed time this was. It was at this time that Christo and I realised what a providential gift BBC had been given.

Over the past several years, BBC has been blessed with many young children. We are truly being fruitful and multiplying! And with this growth has come a corresponding commitment to do all that we can to raise a generation of children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Our children’s ministries are becoming more important and for this reason we desire to expand our ministry to help parents in their quest to raise a godly seed. With this vision comes the need for someone to head it up, thus the need for one who is gifted in working with children to give significant attention to such ministries. Enter Andrew.

With immediate effect Andrew is going to be overseeing the development of these ministries with a view to continuing to provide (and even to produce) solid and interesting biblical curriculum for the teaching ministries aimed at our children. He will therefore be working with the junior Family Bible Hour teachers to both equip and to provide good material for them. He will also be heading up the Awana ministry as well as facilitating the children’s churches (accessing suitable teaching material, helping to develop and coordinate this wonderful ministry). In addition to this, he will be planning the holiday clubs and children’s events (camps, outings, etc.) with a passion to help our children to know, and thus to love, Christ.

In addition to these responsibilities, Andrew will continue to be involved in the food ministry as well as other areas where his service will be invaluable to the well-being of BBC. Of course, he will also be continuing in his studies with Sovereign Grace Theological Seminary. As I think you can now see, Andrew will face various challenges in this new year, but boredom won’t be one of them!

As this will be a part-time position, Andrew will be at the church Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until noon each day, and will be giving the majority of his time to the development of our children’s ministries. We thank the Lord that we have the financial provision to support this endeavour. In fact, one family has even committed to increasing their regular giving by R1,000.00 per month to help make this a reality (and they don’t even have any young children!).

As this is a new position, I have no doubt that there will be many questions, and so the elders invite you to interact with us concerning any such that you may have. Suggestions and observations are, of course, greatly welcomed.

Let us corporately thank the Lord for this gift and let us pray much for Andrew as he serves Christ in serving our Body through serving the parents of the young children of BBC.

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