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Basics of Church Membership

Basic lessons on church membership as a part of the membership process of Brackenhurst Baptist Church

For decades now, Brackenhurst Baptist Church has highlighted the importance of one-on-one discipling as a part of the membership process of the church. “Discipleship” does not end when a member applicant formally joins the church, but a part of the goal of the membership process is to ground the new believer (or the transferring believer) in the truth of God’s word, which involves, in the context of the church’s membership process, intentional instruction in a one-on-one setting.

To facilitate this goal, the church has produced a series of ten lessons through which every member applicant must work as a part of the membership process. These lessons, collated into a book titled “Basics of Church Membership,” address some significant aspects of biblical ecclesiology. Member applicants work, with an existing member of the church, through the following lessons as part of the membership process:

  1. The Bible
  2. The Gospel
  3. Church Membership
  4. Church Discipline
  5. The Ordinances
  6. Church Government
  7. Making Disciples
  8. Corporate Worship
  9. Church Associations
  10. Church Covenant

Since these lessons are primarily written for the context of Brackenhurst Baptist Church, a separate, more generic version of this material has been produced and printed, which is available for purchase via Imprint.

Download a sample of the material in PDF format from the top of this page, or contact Imprint to purchase the full material in printed format.