A Real Election

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arethumbFor the first time in a long time, even ever, South Africans will have the opportunity to vote in a real election. This is not to say that the previous elections were make-believe with spurious results, but rather that the upcoming local government elections present South Africans across the political spectrum with real issues to consider. In the past we have seen huge sections of our country barred from voting; since 1994 we’ve seen voters casting their ballots according to long standing loyalties and tradition. But the 2011 local government elections are stirring things up a little. Party loyalties are giving way to the consideration of issues, real issues pertaining to service delivery, management, corruption and ethics. I get the impression that more and more people are thinking seriously about their vote.

What about your vote? What issues are you basing your vote on? A careful consideration of this question leads many to conflicting thoughts.

Every tax-paying citizen agrees that service delivery is an important issue. The all-too-frequent reports of wasteful expenditure and corruption, allied with the breakdown in actual delivery, have provided the impetus for voting for a party that can deliver. In the push for change and improvements in service delivery, voters must carefully consider the baggage that any party brings to the mix. Do you know where your chosen party stands on the issues of capital punishment, religious freedom, education, euthanasia and abortion? In particular, is your party prolife or pro-choice (pro-abortion)?

Do you appreciate the conflict? The question that must be addressed is whether one votes for a political party to take over the management of your community and improve the conditions in which you live, while at the same time enabling them to promote and support the ongoing genocide that is abortion. Does one vote for a party that is decidedly prolife but cannot necessarily offer the competencies in the other areas of governance?

At present, the liberal constitution of our land and the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act have ensured that the merciless killing of the unborn has been disregarded, making it a very peripheral issue in our society. So much so, that relatively very few people will base their vote on their particular political party’s stance on this issue. For some, the issue is clear and their mark will be made with confidence. Others may never have given it serious attention before. The intention of this article is not to be coercive or to direct people towards any particular party. Rather, since we have a real election pending, this article is aimed at getting each voter to consider the real issues and prioritise their vote accordingly.

Please speak to anyone involved in the Abort97 ministry if you would like further information or specific details relating to the various political parties stand on the sanctity of human life.

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