The Need for Discomfort in Church Planting (Acts 1:8)

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To be faithful in the mission that Christ has given to his church, we need to be deliberate and intentional in planting self-governing churches. It is one thing to respond to requests from people to plant works where there is need, but there is need for our churches to be intentional in targeting strategic areas that need healthy, biblical churches.

This sermon, based on Acts 1:8, was preached at the fourth session of the 2018 annual Sola 5 Conference, hosted by Brackenhurst Baptist Church in Alberton, South Africa.

The conference also featured messages from Phil Hunt (Kitwe Church), Sammy Leballo (Moletsane Baptist Church), Mario Maneville (Reformed Faith Mission Community Church), Conrad Mbewe (Kabwata Baptist Church), and Chris Woolley (Midrand Chapel).

Tyrell Haag is a pastor at Heritage Baptist Church in Melville, South Africa.

Chris Woolley - 7 September 2018

The Greatest Hindrance to Partnering in Church Planting (1 Corinthians 1:4–8)

Sola 5 Conference 2018

Pride causes us to divide. It makes us place one preacher, one church, one brand above another. It keeps us from working together, because it makes us feel that we are either superior or inferior to others. The result: There are areas of our world that are in great spiritual and practical need, where people are dying in sin because Christians and Christian churches are so self-focused that they will not partner together for the advance of the gospel. Our own pride is the greatest hindrance to partnering in church planting.

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 1:4-8

From Series: "Sola 5 Conference 2018"

The sermons in this series were preached at the 2018 annual Sola 5 Conference hosted by BBC. The theme of the Conference was “Partnered to Plant,” and the messages focused on the need for churches to associate with one another in church planting and revitalisation efforts.

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