The Lord’s Day in the Kingdom (Isaiah 58:13–14)

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John Blanchard - 9 March 2005

Is God Past His Sell-By Date? (Various Texts)

Guest Speakers

From time to time, philosophers, scientists, authors and other movers and shakers have hit the headlines with claims that God is non-existent, irrelevant or "past His sell-by date." This is a message specifically for those who take a similar line, who think that God is non-existent or irrelevant, or who are in some way skeptical about the whole issue.

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Christians often cling to the promises of God in times of great suffering. This provides spiritual strength, vigour, and life as the Holy Spirit ministers to our hearts. Isaiah 58 promises increased delight in the Lord, spiritual victory over sin, and the application of redemption to the heart of a believer. But these promises are not merely meant to be held in our minds; they shape our very affections as we delight in the Lord’s Day.