Sharing Jesus’ Humility (1 Peter 5:5)

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Doug Van Meter - 16 September 2018

Pray for One Another (James 5:16–18)

James has been called the wisdom literature of the New Testament. It is filled with the practicals of the Christian life. One of these practicals is the good work of prayer. In chapter 5 James makes it clear that those who believe the gospel will be people who pray. They pray about many things—including for (and with) one another.

Scripture References: James 5:16-18

From Series: "One Anothers"

A sermon series on the one anothers of the New Testament from the pulpit of Brackenhurst Baptist Church.

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The pattern of Christ is suffering and then glory; humility before exaltation. As his people we can enter into that pattern. This means our call to humility is raised to a glorious sharing in his humilityóa humility we share toward one another.