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We are pleased that you have expressed interest in joining the membership of Brackenhurst Baptist Church. We are often asked what steps should be taken by those who desire to be members of our church.

The decision to join in membership with a local church is a serious and important decision for every believer. We firmly believe that formal church membership is a vital part of the Christian walk, but we do not believe that BBC is necessarily the right church for every believer. As you consider membership at BBC, here are a few practical steps to follow.

First, begin by attending our worship services. Attendance will give you a good feel for the general atmosphere of the church. You will be exposed to the preaching and corporate worship. Consider also joining one of our midweek Grace Groups, which builds upon the sermon preached Sunday morning.

Second, download and read a booklet produced by our elders, which explains the ethos of BBC when it comes to church membership. Read through the articles contained in the booklet to get a good feel of what is expected of members of Brackenhurst Baptist Church. Also familiarise yourself with the church covenant, which you will be asked to sign as a member of the church.

Third, having read the booklet and being comfortable with proceeding, ask one of the elders about a four-week membership class, during which you will be introduced by one of our elders to the ethos of the church. Once you have completed this four-week class, you will have opportunity to indicate your definite intentions to pursue formal membership.

Fourth, the membership process of BBC involves formal an existing member of the church leading you through he required membership material. Having followed the above three steps, and having indicated your definite intentions of pursuing membership, one of the elders will happily arrange for this to happen. In addition to the membership material, ask your discipler to provide you with a Sola 5 booklet, or download it here. Read through this booklet as you have time. It will give you some more detailed insight into the doctrine of the church.

Fifth, and finally, prospective members will be interviewed by one or two of the elders. This meeting may include the person who has led you through the membership material. The elders want to establish that you are happy with the ethos and doctrine of the church. They want to confirm that you have been baptised by immersion as a believer. To prepare you for this interview, and to assist the elders in this regard, you will be given a membership application form to complete. If not, you can download it here. Complete it and, if possible, get it to one of the elders ahead of your interview. If you cannot do so, bring it with to your interview so the elders can briefly look at it.

Once your interview is complete, and the elders are happy with your application for church membership, you will be asked to sign the church covenant and hand it to one of the elders. Your name will then be published for two consecutive weeks in the church bulletin to inform the church of your desire to join in membership. On the third week, you will be welcomed formally into membership at Communion. If you need to be baptised, a baptismal service will be arranged at which time you will be baptised into the membership of the church.