Proverbs Exposition

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The following sermons form part of a series of expositions of the book of Proverbs by the elders and other members of Brackenhurst Baptist Church.

Doug Van Meter - 12 Dec 2004

The Relevance of Revelation (Revelation 1:1-4a)

Revelation Exposition

My aim in this study is to prove from the Scriptures that Revelation has more that a “literary curiosity” for believers today. Rather, because the prophecies of Revelation have been fulfilled, the book is extremely relevant for us today. In fact, if these prophecies are future, and deal primarily with the nation of Israel (as the above commentators assert), I would question their relevance for us today! But I believe that Revelation is one of the most relevant Scriptural books for us, for it shows that Jesus Christ is Lord: that He has all dominion in heaven and on earth.

From Series: "Revelation Exposition"

Doug Van Meter's exposition of the book of Revelation.

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