Message: “The Hope of Glory (Luke 2:8–11)” from Doug Van Meter

Christo Beetge - 28 October 2012

Devotional Lessons from Luke 2:8-21

Devotional Lessons from Luke

Our consideration of this particular text in God’s Word gives us opportunity to identify two realities in Western culture: first, the role played by the concept of celebrity and factors defining desirability; and, second, the presence and role of angels: spirit beings that are not always visible, but are nonetheless doing God’s bidding! It is easy and tempting to stand in judgement upon cultures that have overt caste system and a social hierarchy where some people are more “in” than others, when in fact we ourselves in our own hearts and minds have a covert system where we despise the poor and uneducated, those that live in bad neighbourhoods, wear threadbare clothes and drive old cars. Further, in a culture of sophisticated people (as we like to think of ourselves), the idea of angels often sounds quaint and perhaps a little fantastic, but the Bible speaks very clearly to their existence and ministry. And so, in this study, we will be speaking, among other things, about shepherds and angels. We must seek to be like them (the angels and the shepherds), for their journey began in faith and obedience and ended in praise and proclamation!

From Series: "Devotional Lessons from Luke"

These sermons were preached as part of Christo Beetge's series of devotional lessons from the Gospel of Luke.

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