Message: “The Hope of Glory (Luke 2:8–11)” from Doug Van Meter

Christo Beetge - 16 September 2012

Devotional Lessons from Luke 1:39-56

Devotional Lessons from Luke

The Bible recognises various types of worship offered to God. On Sundays, when the church gathers together, corporate worship is offered. During the week, family worship is (or ought to be) offered as families gather around the Word and prayer. But there is also the reality of private worship, which every individual Christian is privileged to offer God every day. Our text in the Gospel of Luke for this particular study exposes us to the private worship of two women who were blood relatives. They were linked, not only by blood, but also by the shared experience of having been visited by the angel Gabriel directly from the presence of God. Further, they shared the experience of being pregnant, both of them for the first time, and both with special babies. One woman, Elizabeth, was six months ahead of the other woman, Mary, in her pregnancy experience. Elizabeth was advanced in age and thought she would die childless. Mary on the other hand was young, betrothed to be married—and a virgin! Our text tells us about the older woman waiting, while the younger woman was on the move. She was on her way to go and visit her older relative—probably with the relieved blessing of her embarrassed parents. Before we turn our attention to the text, I need to exhort you to resist the kind of unbelief, mental paralysis, passive neutrality, and ho-hum suppressed contempt that sets in with reference to these things, possibly because they are familiar and of a “religious” nature. Remind yourself that everything I have said thus far, and what we are about to read, is nothing other than historical narrative. This is a record of history, and an account of real people who really lived and experienced what we are about to read. Allow yourself to be amazed. Pinch yourself! You ought to be wowed by the details of an event that really took place about two thousand years ago.

From Series: "Devotional Lessons from Luke"

These sermons were preached as part of Christo Beetge's series of devotional lessons from the Gospel of Luke.

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