Message: “The Hope of Glory (Luke 2:8–11)” from Doug Van Meter

Christo Beetge - 18 November 2012

Devotional Lessons from Luke 2:21-38

Devotional Lessons from Luke

It is a lovely dynamic to be involved in corporate worship, aware of and encouraged by those around you. At times in our own worship services, I like to stop singing for a few moments to take in the singing of the body around me. This helps me to be thankful for the fact that I am not alone in worship, but am surrounded by brothers and sisters who have gathered together to worship God corporately. But I trust you have realised that the most intense worship happens usually when we become less aware of our surroundings and more aware of God. This can be a somewhat subjective experience, but the worshipper knows it when he experiences it. We suddenly become very aware that we are singing, praying, giving to and hearing from a living God. We realise with great awe that we are not hearing from a mere man, but from God Himself. It suddenly feels as though we are shut in alone with God. We sense powerfully the reality of God’s fatherhood, Christ’s elder brotherhood, and the Spirit’s assistance in our worship. Such experiences of worship are glorious. n the text before us, we can identify at least three instances of proximity, each of which gives us reason for analysis and learning. The picture before us can be divided into three scenes, each with a person or persons in proximity to the baby Jesus. First, we find Jesus with His parents (vv. 22-24). Second, we find Him with Simeon (vv. 25-35). Third, we find Him with the prophetess Anna (vv. 36-38). On a human level, Jesus, as an eight-day-old baby, was passive in these encounters, and yet nevertheless we want to consider the fact that He was dealing with those in His presence in each of these instances.

From Series: "Devotional Lessons from Luke"

These sermons were preached as part of Christo Beetge's series of devotional lessons from the Gospel of Luke.

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