Message: “Just Read It (Psalm 119:97–104)” from Zander Viljoen

Zander Viljoen - 24 Sep 2017

Just Read It (Psalm 119:97–104)

Having been in Psalm 119 for some time we know a few things: The psalm is divided in sections of eight verses, each starting with the same letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Ninety-nine percent of the verses have a direct reference to the Bible. The word “your” is used very often, showing us the Bible is what God says to us. We have also word “you” which shows us that the author is talking to God (i.e. praying). The other word we see are the words “I,” “me” and “my,” which means it is a book meant for … me. In the section called “Mem,” we see the Bible is helpful for getting something very useful: wisdom. That will be our particular motivation for what we need to learn: Just read it!

From Series: "By the Book"

An exposition of Psalm 119 by the elders of Brackenhurst Baptist Church.


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