Mark Exposition

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The following sermons form part of a series of expositions of the Gospel of Mark by Doug Van Meter.

Doug Van Meter - 6 February 2005

The Reformation of Revelation II (Revelation 2:8-11)

Revelation Exposition

In this study, we will examine Jesus’ words to the second of the seven churches. This church received a letter with no criticism whatsoever: one of only two churches to receive such commendation from the Lord (the other, of course, being the church inPhiladelphia). Interestingly, it is the shortest of the seven letters – not only in verses, but also in actual words written. We don’t know all the reasons for this, but perhaps one reason is that little has to be said to those who are faithful. This was a church that never left its first love. The believers in the church, therefore, never dropped their cross as they devotedly followed Christ, in spite of suffering. For this reason, the Lord had nothing for which to criticise the church, but much for which to commend it.

From Series: "Revelation Exposition"

Doug Van Meter's exposition of the book of Revelation.

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