Jesus Saves

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jsthumbIn the past 24 hours I have sat with four individuals and have been blessed to hear the wonderful news of how Jesus has saved them. In one case, it was back in August. A man who, by his own admission, had no interest at all in Christianity found himself one Friday texting his fiancée and telling her that, on Sunday, they were going to begin regularly attending church. He was not even sure why. She, a believer (though admittedly away from the Lord), was thrilled. They went to church, the Lord saved him, and both of their lives have been wonderfully changed. They continue to hunger for the truth of God’s Word and desire to have a marriage and home where Christ is honoured. Hallelujah, Jesus saves!

In another case, a man for whom many prayed for many, many years told me how the Lord used family members, friends, acquaintances, the integrity of a local church and the preaching of the Word to convict and to convince him of the truth of the gospel. He knows that he has been saved, and that entirely by God’s gracious pursuit of him. He hungers to follow the Lord and to serve Him all of his days. He desires to be a maturing disciple of Christ. Praise God, Jesus saves!

In the final case, a younger man shared with me that he was well aware that, over the years, many people have prayed and laboured for his salvation. He is grateful for this. Yet he said that, though he realises the Lord uses means, “only the Lord can turn the light on.” Well, He has, and I am so grateful that Jesus saves!

If all of the above isn’t enough to bless one’s socks off, there is more: In between hearing a couple of these testimonies I received a text from a couple in our church sharing with me their delight at their child’s recent confession of Jesus Christ as her Saviour. She has come to the realisation that she is a sinner who needs a Saviour, and that the only one who can do that work is the Lord Jesus Christ. With all of this good news I found myself exulting with the songwriter: “We have heard the joyful sound: Jesus saves! Jesus Saves! Spread the tidings all around: Jesus saves! Jesus saves!” I should learn how to play that on my guitar!

In each of these situations I have been deeply encouraged that God is indeed saving His people and that He is often at work even when it appears that He is not. I was encouraged once again in the truth that God is sovereign and, in the words of the prophet, “Salvation is of the LORD” (Jonah 2:9). All of this has served to motivate me to continue to pray and preach and proclaim to all and sundry that the gospel is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes (Romans 1:16). And it has encouraged me to try and encourage you to be encouraged as well in the reality that Jesus saves!

Parents and spouses and children, keep praying for your unsaved family members. Who knows but that the Lord might be pleased to turn the light on and to love and save these, in spite of the many years in which they have resisted Him.

Parents, continue to be deliberate in raising your children with gospel intentionality. Keep praying with them about the gospel, keep reading and teaching them the Scriptures, keep exposing them to the gospel-centred ministries of your local church, keep shepherding their hearts, pointing them to the Saviour as you discipline, and keep instructing them as you train them in the way they should go. And what way is that? In the direction of Jesus, for He saves (John 14:6).

We have recently had a healthy emphasis on the mandate and need for evangelism and for the making of disciples. We have been encouraged to be proactive in looking for opportunities to make connections with those with whom we can share the gospel. Let these referenced examples encourage you that indeed Jesus saves. But don’t lose sight that our Saviour has chosen to use means. And that means is usually people, those whom He has already saved.

You perhaps can point to an example of someone whom the Lord has saved through receiving of a gospel tract. I have a friend who many years ago died in his late forties. But he died a believing man. And though his wife and children grieved, they grieved as believers. His 18-year-old son spoke at his funeral about how Jesus saved his dad and how Jesus has saved him. Before Brian died, he and his wife were blessed to see all their children converted to Christ. And the human means behind all of this was a gospel tract that he found in a telephone booth many years ago. He read it, God convicted and convinced him of his need for the Saviour, and his life was forever transformed.

My point is that we should do all we can to get the gospel out. In many cases we will have opportunities to develop relationships with people with whom, over time, we can expose to the gospel. In other cases, we may only have a passing opportunity to share a word of witness or to place a piece of evangelistic literature in someone’s hands. Just do it! Who knows but that one day they will find themselves amongst other believers joining in the chorus, Jesus saves!

The Lord Jesus Christ came to earth with an assignment: to save all whom the Father had given to Him. And He has, and He will (John 6:37–44). So, as we are going in the world (Matthew 28:19), let us do so humming in our hearts, proclaiming with our lips, and believing as we pray, Jesus saves!

3 Replies to “Jesus Saves”

  1. Thanks Doug for your joyful words and your unwavering faith, strength and guidance in The Lord.
    Thank you Lord that I too can rejoice with the angels in heaven when those whom you love and for whom you died come to love you!

  2. Dear Pastor Doug

    “Hosanna” we call out to our King to save our children and families.

    Very early this morning as a father dropped off his adopted daughter at school, she scolded him for not praying at home. The father told me that this 5 year old insists that the family pray together before they leave home. When her brothers who are at varsity asked “why?” she told them ” it is the right way to start the day”.

    We are a Christian school ” but only one of our 32 girls attend church services on a Sunday. (Her daddy is a pastor)

    Please pray for our girls and their families too.

    Kindest regards

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