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hvthumbAs the new year has begun so begins a new round of pastoral or ‘home’ visitations. These visits are, over time, becoming a part of the fabric of the life of BBC. Our aim in these visits is in order to visit our members in their homes in order to more effectively shepherd you. As we visit we simply desire to know how you are doing in your personal discipleship (following Christ) in the various spheres of life. Thus we desire to know some of your struggles over which we can pray and seek to give practical help. We relish to her of the blessings in your life and to experience mutual edification as we share what Christ our Lord and Saviour is doing in our lives. We want to hear from you what you are learning and how we can be more effective, both as a leadership and as a body in our pursuit of God. In sum, we desire to know you better and for your to know us better. It is all about relationships, Christ centred ones.

I would like to highlight two important issues related to home visitation. First, when an elder/pastor visits you please know that there is no expectation of food and drink! I fear that some feel the need to ‘make a fuss’ and thus the visit becomes more of a time of anxiousness rather than an opportunity for spiritual refreshment. Neither tea, coffee nor cool drink nor food is necessary for spiritual discourse. If any feeding takes place let it be that of your shepherds nourishing you in the faith. Second, though the membership has been divided alphabetically amongst the elders in order to facilitate effective visitation this does not mean that you have been ‘assigned and elder.’ That is, any elder at any time is available to any and all members. For example, though you may feel that you are stuck with me as the one who visits in your home, be assured that Francois is available to you as well!

The visitation responsibilities for 2008 are as follows:

  • Allan through Chase—Francois
  • Ciorovich through Lear—Doug
  • Leonard through Sansovini—Christo
  • Seal through Viljoen—Mark and Neil

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