Finding Hope in the Hospital

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fhihthumbOne of the joys of being involved in ministry to young adults (and in our BBC context that means, technically, young people who have completed their secondary schooling or who are at least 18, and who are still single/unmarried) is the energy they display! For the most part, Christian young adults are a vibrant group: They are young, energetic, mobile and full of ideas, bursting with potential, willing to take the initiative in serving God and employing their gifts for the kingdom. I’m sure something of this has come through in the various ministry reports you have read in the Pastors’ Pen over the years.

I am excited to report a new ministry initiative, and invite you to join us in prayer for its fruitfulness.

Two of our young ladies presented an idea and a challenge to the group. They have felt prompted to explore an evangelistic urge to patients in hospital through a bedside-to-bedside ministry. They managed, amazingly, to obtain permission from the hospital administrators at the Mulbarton Hospital, to be involved in evangelistic visitation.

So, this was their proposal to their fellow young adults: We want to arrange for a few groups (as few or as many as are keen and available) of two people to be involved in visitation at the hospital every second Saturday morning. Of course, these private hospitals generally send most of their patients home on Fridays, and so the wards are not at the fullest on Saturday mornings. In these visits, efforts will be made to engage people in conversation that would communicate interest and care, and which would end in prayer, if so requested, and which would hopefully give opportunity to speak about life and the purpose for living, and sin and eternity and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. Suitable tracts would be available for distribution.

Within the Young Adult group, there are a number of individuals who have been involved in a similar evangelistic and apologetic ministry in shopping malls, so some experience exists amongst the group and there is insight in terms of evangelism and what the gospel message is and what it calls for from sinners. Of course, hospital visitation of patients in beds does represent something of a captive audience compared to groups of shoppers or moviegoers in the mall.

To cut a long story short: Please pray for these evangelistic efforts. Please pray for us!

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