Ephesians Exposition

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The following sermons form part of Doug Van Meter’s exposition of the book of Ephesians.

Doug Van Meter - 24 April 2016

Common Ground (Ephesians 3:1–13)

Ephesians Exposition

As we have seen, Paul, in Ephesians, is glorying in the power of the gospel that has made outsiders into insiders and insiders truly insiders (2:18). Those who once did not belong now believe and therefore they do belong. Those who were at one time alienated from both God and one another now share in the life of Christ. There is great common ground shared by all believers, regardless of any superficial differences. In our third study of Ephesians 3:1–13, we will consider this common ground, with particular emphasis on v. 12, where we see at least three explicit truths concerning the common ground shared by believers.

From Series: "Ephesians Exposition"

This series comprises the sermons preached at BBC during an exposition of the book of Ephesians.

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