Ephesians Exposition

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The following sermons form part of Doug Van Meter’s exposition of the book of Ephesians.

Doug Van Meter - 6 September 2015

Far and Near, Wide and Deep (Acts 19:1–41)

Ephesians Exposition

Acts 19 records the founding of the church in Ephesus. The church was founded by Paul and, when he left, left in the care of Timothy. The church also had a close relationship with the apostle John. It was a significant church long after their death and boasted some wonderful church leaders. The epistle to the Ephesians is a rich one, on many levels, including its presentation of the glory of the church. As we consider the founding of this church, there are several important lessons to learn, which we will do under four major headings: the founding of the church; the abounding/resounding of the church; the grounding of the church; and the confounding by the church.

From Series: "Ephesians Exposition"

This series comprises the sermons preached at BBC during an exposition of the book of Ephesians.

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