Do Not Pass Judgement On One Another (Romans 14:13)

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Stuart Chase - 9 September 2018

A Holy Greeting (Romans 1:1–16)

One Anothers

In the command to greet one another with a holy kiss, the kiss is of secondary importance. The command is actually to greet one another, and the kiss was simply the way in which that would ordinarily happen. The burden of the command is upon the greeting rather than the kiss. The command is to extend a holy greeting, and there are at least four things from this text that a holy greeting implies.

Scripture References: Romans 16:1-16

From Series: "One Anothers"

A sermon series on the one anothers of the New Testament from the pulpit of Brackenhurst Baptist Church.

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The Roman church had many difficulties to deal with. One of them was the way in which Jews and Gentiles were to relate to one another in Christ. Paul exhorts them to not pass judgement on one another any longer. They are rather to consider how their actions might affect the walk of a fellow Christian. Such an exhortation is important to obey as pride so often hinders worship. The example of Christ and the work of his gospel bring people together in such a way that true worship takes place.