A Masculine Emphasis

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amethumbBBC is unapologetically committed to being masculine in its focus. The reason is simple, Jesus was the epitome of God’s design for humanity, and Jesus expressed this perfection as a male. That is not to be interpreted as a demotion of females, but rather to emphasise that in Jesus Christ we have a perfect manifestation of a man’s man. And since woman was taken out of man, we also have a perfect manifestation of how a woman is to live: in respectful and fruitful submission to her head, just as the Last Adam lived in relation to His Head, the first person of the Godhead, the Father.

Obviously (and gratefully) BBC is a church of both males and females. But the health of BBC is largely dependent upon the health of those with the Y chromosome. If the men of the church do not fulfil their roles then the women lose out on the godly leadership that the Lord intends for them. Further, a vacuum of biblical masculinity may tempt some women to fill it by assuming unbiblical roles and responsibilities. Perhaps this is the reason for the almost cultic popularity of a Joyce Meyer. When men reject their biblical mandate to lead, then some women may respond by strutting where the Scriptures forbid them to do so. Remember Eve?

When Satan tempted Eve to commit the sin of partaking of the forbidden fruit, it is quite clear that Adam was not innocently in another part of the garden working hard while his wife was sitting on the couch watching the latest soap opera. Though some may view Eve in this scene (Genesis 3) as a sinister female, this is clearly not the case. The apostle Paul makes this clear as he writes in Romans 5:12 that it was through one man that sin entered the world, and death by sin. Adam is shouldered with this failure, not Eve. And the sin took place long before he ate the fruit. The iniquity occurred when Adam failed to either properly instruct his wife and/or when he did not take his hoe and chop off the head of the slithering tempter. It would, of course, be another Adam who one day would do this work of head-crushing.

When believing men fail in their God-given responsibilities then women and children suffer. And it is for this reason that one of the most loving things that a local church can do is to be biblically masculine. William Farley has noted, “Christianity is a patriarchal religion. In both the local congregation and the home, men lead. Gospel-centred churches attract men. Gospel centred churches encourage men to become servant leaders father wives and children. Gospel-centred churches encourage biblical masculinity. You can be a male and not be masculine.” In his excellent book, Farley argues that the hope of families and the hope of the local church lies within a biblical response of the males to their God-given roles. And it is because of this shared conviction that the leadership of BBC is intent on helping men to be men.

It is tragic that King Henry VIII did not understand biology. This king of course ended up marrying several times and even had some of his wives killed because they did not bear him a son. This was a classic case of foolish and wicked blameshifting that resulted in the destruction of human life. Had he understood the biological facts, he would have realised that he failed  to supply what was needed to have a male heir (and as a father with five daughters and no sons, I write that carefully!). Men, when it comes to leading the church, leading our wives and leading our families, we must realise that they cannot supply what only lies within you: the capacity to give biblical spiritual leadership.

There is no question that women give godly leadership to other women, and by their influence they also bring a wonderful spiritual influence in the home. But this task mainly falls to men (see Ephesians 6:4; cf. Deuteronomy 6). And clearly God’s Word calls for the leadership of the church to be male (see, for instance, 1 Timothy 2:8–15).

It is because of these biblical convictions that there is a huge emphasis upon biblical masculinity at BBC. In fact, I would argue that the best way for our church to love our spiritual sisters is by helping the brothers to be so strong that the fairer sex will be well cared for.

Let me appeal to the male membership of BBC. Let us learn all we can from God’s Word about what the Lord expects of us and then obey it and help other men to obey it as well. And, ladies, don’t take offense at the masculine emphasis for it is one of the most loving things that we can do.

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